Dolce & Gabbana leopard bag, vintage jumper, F21 necklace, Gucci fashion show sunglasses, vintage belt, Michel Korrs hat
  1. Buy into quality, not quantity

  2. Use, re-use, and use again

  3. Dig into your grandma’s/aunties/mum’s closet and see what you can find

  4. Explore charity shops and smaller second hand shops

  5. Love vintage fashion, fashions come and go, but they always come back around

  6. Accessorize whenever you can- the smallest accessory can make all the difference

  7. Don’t take fashion, or yourself too seriously

  8. Have fun with your look

  9. Mix and match fabrics, designers, seasons

  10. High street shops can hold real gems, but don’t go crazy- remember rule number 1!

  11. Find what works for you

  12. The last and most important one: whatever you wear, feel good about yourself!