healthy breakfast , goji berries, vegetables smoothy


I know that for many of us the  whole breakfast thing may be the trickiest thing but we all know it is the most important meal of the day . Sometimes we don’t have much time in the morning; rushing to work or there’s someone more important than us to feed. I know as I have two little ones and a handful of jobs in the morning. I have been trying out lots of different things, trust me! But one day I discovered I can liquidise my breakfast and drink it in between things to do :) OK, here’s how you can do it:  it’s easy and quick and it will give you the famous 5 a day . Soak your main ingredients like oats , nuts,  overnight  in warm boiled water and in the morning add some fruits you like, banana or miracle berries and  mix with some fresh juice if you don’t find the time for juicing adding some coconut water can work perfectly if you don’t have one just simply dilute with juice you got in refrigerator. Now blend everything together and enjoy…

vegetable and fruit smoothy

green smoothie , healthy breakfast ,5 a day