Did you hear about the Fast Fashion Circus?

It’s in town now and hiring! Do you have the qualifications? Are you cool enough? Will you risk losing everything?

It’s so funny and colourful… but let me tell you about its inner darkness…

You are used to a world led by social media trendsetters, people with a vision,

a vision that is clearer than the one of a fortune teller and faster than pure design.

Your passion is the hunt. You are fast, you are strong.

You buy as many clothes as you can find and as quickly as you can.

The faster they come, the faster you buy.

Everybody wants to look like you. Everybody wants to become as cool as you.

Everybody wants to be you.

But are you really ready to lose your face?

Are you ready to give up on your personality and become a clone of somebody else,

of somebody wearing the right clothes but is not you?

Now you are the real entertainer!

You make people like you.

Your IG profile has tons of Followers and Likes.

But do you hear people are laughing at you as well?

You have everything you’ve ever wanted

However  do you feel anything but lost?

You’ve lost your face, you’ve even lost your voice.

You want to be the magician who transforms yourself into a winner, into the coolest person in town.

But you risk to get a black rabbit from your shiny top hat.

It’s black as long lasting environmental harm.

It’s black as the atmospheric pollution produced by heavy machinery and fast global transportation.

It’s black as the dyes and pesticides released into the aquatic environment.

It’s black as planned obsolescence of low quality goods that toxic threads bring.

Do you really want to live in a world like this?



Think about what fashion is.

Fashion is not dangerous when it comes with quality, design and time.

Real fashion is sustainable and creative and doesn’t need to pollute our planet at a continuous rate.

Real fashion wants you to be unique, it doesn’t need clones of social media ideal people.

Think about it.

It depends on your taste